My Fleet of Ships (Drama OTP’s that spells CHEMISTRY all the way) CDRAMA EDITION

Well after the kdrama ships here we have cdrama ships that I love so much. Very different from the kdrama world in cdramas the possibility of the main lead appearing together again in another drama is very high. The first ship is a living testament to that.

Wang Kai and Wang Ziwen (When a Snail Falls in Love, Ode to Joy)


The first couple from the first cdrama that I watched that I really liked. I watched When a Snail Falls in Love with no expectations whatever because I ran out of kdramas to watch and surprisingly I liked it. Before watching this drama I have a prejudice against Chinese dramas for reasons I can’t remember but it was all changed when I saw this. The drama though not so much on the romance side I still giggle whenever the two of them appear on the screen together. It’s like their presence is enough to make me go crazy. Wang Kai is gorgeousness on another level. That stare. That defined cheekbones. He just exudes this really manly vibes. Wang Ziwen on the other hand is not the striking kind of beauty. It takes time to get used to her. But she’s cute and pretty in her own way.

I just love how the two of them are in contrast yet in harmony. Wang Kai’s portrayal of Ji Bai and Wang Ziwen’s portrayal of Xu Xu are on point. I love both of their character. Ji Bai is strict and can appear as jerk at first glance but he’s really just strict while Xu Xu may look like small and fragile but she’s stubborn and works hard. Although it’s not really emphasized in the drama I love the dynamic of their relationship. Ji Bai respecting Xu Xu and Xu Xu on the other hand listens to Ji Bai about his suggestions to her.

And I was really happy when I found out that they are also in Ode To Joy. I admit that they’re the reason why I decided to watch that drama but no regrets because it’s a good drama. Very different from their characters in When A Snail Falls in Love Wang Ziwen plays a bratty daughter of a rich man while Wang Kai plays a doctor.

Wallace Huo and Ma Sichun (Love Me If You Dare)


Love Me If You Dare is the second cdrama that I watched and super loved more than the previous one. Both are adapted from books with the same author but this drama has a balance of both, the crime solving and romance. Another reason why I said I loved this more than When A Snail Falls In Love is because super smart but awkward and low EQ characters are a weakness of mine (Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds is proof). And that is Bo Jin Yan. Add to that the actor that played his character is the super handsome Wallace Huo. There’s nothing you can ask for. His opposite is Jian Yao played by Ma Sichun. Both of them really looks good together in my opinion. I love how Jian Yao can tolerate Bo Jin Yan’s eccentric attitude and ways. They’re both so different yet they compliment each other so well.

Although I have to warn you there are EXTREMELY (notice that I put an emphasis on that) finger and toe-curling scenes. Ugh! Blame it on Bo Jin Yan who doesn’t know a thing about human interaction so he always has his weird ways. The confession scene really killed me! I always skip it when I watch the drama again.

Luo Jin and Tang Yan (The Princess Weiyoung)


Now this is a shipper’s dream. This pair starred already in multiple projects together before but The Princess Weiyoung is the first drama that I have seen from them and the first historical Chinese drama that I have seen. And I have to say that this is my official entrance to Chinese dramas. Although I loved the two dramas mentioned above , The Princess Weiyoung sealed the deal for me. It was just refreshing for me to watch a drama that’s girl power all the way. Although it’s a far cry from the original novel, which is very dark, but I still think they did a good job in portraying Weiyoung as a kick-ass female character. On the contrary Luo Jin’s character as Touba Jun is a Disney prince came to life. Like seriously Weiyoung is the character motivated by hatred and revenge while Touba Jun is a precious puppy that doesn’t want to get involved in the power struggle and just wants to live a normal and peaceful life together with Weiyoung.

They might have not ended together at the end of the drama, at least in real life they are together and I just can’t complain. Now I can’t wait for the beautiful babies!


Liu Tao and Yang Shuo (Ode to Joy Season 1 and 2)


Now this is another ship that I adore so much. They just look so cute together. This visual couple makes me scream whenever it’s their scene that’s shown in the screen. Yang Shuo only appeared towards the end of the Season 1. He was introduced as a playboy and playful rich businessman who’s smitten by Andy (Liu Tao). Clearly she was not interested at him first because she just experienced a break-up however he did not give up and kept on creating opportunities for them to meet again. The thing about his character, Bao Yi Fan is that even though he is really interested in Andy he is not pushy and he respects her space which can be shown in Season 2.

But I won’t kid myself these two are just really gorgeous on another level and you can feel the chemistry explode in the screen whenever they are together.

Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang (Love O2O)


Now this is another visual couple. The modern drama is set in a college campus and we have two really beautiful actors playing Xiao Nai and Wei Wei. Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang just lightens up the screen whenever they are together. Both are really gorgeous. Although the drama is not really a personal favorite of mine but I was able to finish it because I can’t just stop staring at the both of them on the screen. Both of them just gives off this pure heavenly vibes and it compliments so well. So cute, so gorgeous, so beautiful.

Mark Chao and Yang Mi (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms)


This phenomenal xianxia drama of 2017 is breaking records. Not my most favorite drama but I loved it. It was a cute drama for me even though with all the heartbreaks because that drama launched a lot of ships but 99% of them went Titanic. Yang Mi and Mark Chao as the main leads is just bomb. They are both really gods and goddesses. And they look so good together I just love them.

Vengo Gao and Dilraba (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms)


To be honest I never really liked their story in the drama. They are not the main characters but the drama put an emphasis on their love story which is really twisted in a lot of ways. For short I didn’t like it. For someone who read The Pillow Book, I was furious about the direction of Donghua Dijun and Fengjiu’s character went in the drama. It was totally ruined and I can’t forgive the drama for doing it. However I can understand that they can’t follow the story from the book because of copyright issues but they turned the bad-ass Fengjiu into someone who’s really whiny and immature. I really want to smack her while watching the whole time and later I resorted to skipping her part. I just don’t know what happened there. And Dijun is literally a rock.

The only saving grace for that drama is that Vengo Gao as Donghua Dijun and Dilraba as Fengjiu. Both are visual couple. Vengo really rocks that white hair. I can’t think of anyone who can own that white-haired look. Seriously he’s just really gorgeous in that one. Dilraba on the other hand owns the color red. I just get mesmerized whenever she wears that red gown of hers. And both of them really looks good together.

So together with the legions of Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms fans I’m really hoping that they’ll play again as the Donghua Dijun and Fengjiu in the live action of The Pillow Book. I can only hope.

Chen Bolin and Ariel Lin (In Time With You)


To all dramas whose main plot is the bff turned lovers trope they need to take a lesson from In Time With You. Not the Korean version but the original Taiwanese version with Chen Bolin and Ariel Lin. This drama up to this day although didn’t pioneer the bff turned lovers plot it remains a classic. Released almost a decade ago In Time With You will show you how to do this kind of plot right. Also the chemistry between the main leads is off the charts.

Jin Dong and Bai Bai He (Surgeons)


This ship. I don’t even know where to begin describing my most loved ship at the moment. You have to understand me that while writing this post I’m currently watching Surgeons and I’m the type of person that loves the most on what is in front of me. Jin Dong and Bai Bai He on the screen together just screams chemistry in front of my face. They really look so good together and I love their character on the show. Both are capable in their own and mature in handling the matters in love. And then my reason will always go back to how beautiful the both of them is and the beautifulness  (yeap, that’s a made up word) doubles when they appear on the screen together. Bai Bai He is a discovery for me. It’s the first drama of hers that I’ve seen from her and now she’s my fave. She’s just really beautiful, a combination of Suzy, Lee Yeon Hee and Tang Yan in my opinion. And Jin Dong, oh Jin Dong, that gorgeous human being.

And I need to stop here because I might go on forever trying to say the reason why I’m so invested in this ship but you can only see the words gorgeous, beautiful and pretty over and over again. I’m just so in love with them. IN LOVE!

You might have noticed that the notes here are longer than that ones that I have written on the kdrama edition it’s because I’m a bias af kind human being. I loved this chinese ships more than the korean ones. I think maybe it’s because there are more episodes on cdramas that I’m more invested on them because of the longer time that was spent together with them. You can’t really compare the 30-50 and more episodes you spent with a character to only 16-20. The attachment is more prominent and the character development is more evident that is way I have a lot to say about my beloved ships.