My Fleet of Ships (Drama OTP’s that spells CHEMISTRY all the way) KDRAMA EDITION

I.AM.A.Shipper. Certified and 100% a shipper. However before you say anything I’m not the type of shipper to like really pin all hopes and wish for them to end up together in real life (because I can still differentiate the reality from dramas). I just think that it’s fun that for a particular show you like the chemistry of the leads together and hopelessly wish for them to star in another drama again. I’m just a girl with simple dreams and wishes. Anyway here are my compilation of on-screen pairings that made me squeal real hard when they appear on the screen together and hope that they will be together on another drama. Some of them are famous ships and some probably I’m the only passenger. The list is not in order though. I kinda equally love them all. Haha

Choi Jin Hyuk and Lee Yeon Hee (Gu Family Book)


I know a drama with them together is far-fetched but I’m just happy that they were paired together once and gave me a heartbreak (I’m not sure if I should be thankful for that though). The two of them are in the drama Gu Family Book starring Suzy and Lee Seunggi. You see they are not really the main lead but they’re the parents of Lee Seunggi’s character in the drama. I can’t really recommend the drama because it’s not that good hence I could not really remember what it’s all about. However the tears I shed while watching their tragic love story unfolded was still fresh in my mind. Suzy and Lee Seunggi were the lead but Choi Jin Hyuk and Lee Yeon Hee’s character stole the spotlight for me. I just don’t know why I felt that way but I really cried so hard on their part and I can’t even remember why. Like seriously and for you to understand the situation, know that I’m not the type of person to easily cry while watching heartbreaking love stories. (I just sighed while watching A Moment to Remember and laughed at my cousin while she was bawling over Titanic.)

Choi Sulli and Choi Minho (To the Beautiful You)


I know it’s a mess of a drama. It’s the korean version of Hana Kimi. Although the drama is not poorly produced it was somewhat poorly acted in certain areas. But I’m not talking about acting here so I’ll just say that it’s the kind of drama that you would want to watch if you don’t want to think of anything. However I can’t really say I hated the drama because it introduced me to one of my long time k-actor crush Kang Haneul. He’s one of the saving grace of that drama along with of course the “Choi Ship.” I really don’t know why I was really invested in this ship but after watching the series I even started writing fanfics and stalked them and discovered that they’re both idols under the same agency.

Kang Haneul and Kim Ji Won (The Heirs)


It’s been four years since Kang Haneul and Kim Ji Won sort of happened in The Heirs. And since then Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won happened (Descendants of the Sun) and recently Park Seojoon and Kim Ji Won (Fight My Way) however I will never forget this small ship that was born out of that mess of a drama. And as I have said it’s been four years and I think I’m the only passenger in this small boat but it doesn’t matter I’m not the type of person to abandon ship. I really loved them both and lowkey hoping that they’ll star on a drama together again, as main leads this time.

Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub (The Master’s Sun)


I have to admit that I wasn’t interested when I first say the trailer of Master’s Sun. I was just starting on my kdrama addiction and I used to look at the visuals of the main leads for me to get interesed in the show (terrible, I know). However there was one night when I was really bored and the only drama that I haven’t watched in my laptop was The Master’s Sun and before I knew it I didn’t sleep until I finished the show. I stayed up all night until morning to afternoon and finished the whole 16 episodes in one go, without sleep and fast forward. The story was really good and the chemistry between them is even better. Both are good actors and they just fit really together in the drama.

Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung (It’s Okay, It’s Love)


It would be years later when I saw It’s Okay, It’s Love and unexpectedly love it to bits and pieces. Just when I thought that I would be loyal on Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub ship, Jo In Sung came in like a wrecking ball and rocked that original ship big time. Gong Hyo Jin played an entirely different character in this drama compared to The Master’s Sun but she pulled it off really well. The main reason I love this ship so much, except for the obvious fact that they really have chemistry, is because of the kind of character that they played in the drama. They’re both mature adult with issues and secrets and ended up falling in love with each other. The beginning was the hate at first sight trope but unlike that usual path that this trope takes there was just minimal in denial stage that both of them went through. They were both honest when they realized that they developed feelings for each other and I think it’s a different twist that the drama offered.

It’s just funny that I realized that both of them (Jo In Sung and So Ji Sub) starred in the second kdrama that I watched and I will forever remember because of its ending, Memories in Bali. Even in another life I think I would still think of the kind of ending that show gave, but that’s another story.

Yeo Jin-Goo and Kim Yoojung (The Moon that Embraces the Sun)


These child actors were one of the best thing about The Moon that Embraces the Sun a.k.a my favorite Korean saeguk drama (it was not until I watched it the second time that I realized how good it was). They’re just so cute together and their chemistry is just explosive despite being so young when they starred on that drama. And both of them acted so well too. I’m just hoping that now that both of them are grown-up, can they star in another drama together? I don’t need angst just give me some light teenage lovestory and I will support all the way.

Yeo Jin-Goo and Kim Soohyun (Missing You)

South Korean actor Yeo Jin-goo and actress Kim So-hyun react in front of a camera on the red carpet during 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in Hong Kong
South Korean actor Yeo Jin-goo and actress Kim So-hyun react in front of a camera on the red carpet during 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in Hong Kong, China December 2, 2015. (Photo by Bobby Yip/Reuters)

Although I tried to be faithful to Yeo Jin-Goo and Kim Yoojung ship, Missing You happened and bam! However I didn’t abandon the first ship, it’s just that Jin-Goo and Soohyun also looks so good together in that drama. It was a very dark drama and the only light were Yeo Jin-Goo and Kim Soohyun. I find it funny that the three of them starred in The Moon that Embraces the Sun together.

Kim Min Jae and Kim Soohyun (Goblin)


They were the best thing that happened in that drama. Playing as the past life of Grim Reaper (Lee Dong Wook) and Sunny (Yoo Inna) they exudes chemistry on the screen. Both of them are amazing actors and they look good in historical clothing so crossing my fingers for them to be in a historical drama together, as the main leads this time.

Also I think that the reason why I ship them because Kim Minjae really has an uncanny resemblance to Yeo Jin-Goo. I even mistook them as one person.

Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun (Cheese in the Trap)


Yes, I know that was a mess of a drama but I loved it. Even the ending. I know that they could do so much better than what they did to the drama in the middle to the end because it started good but still it became one of my fave kdramas. I think the reason I loved it was the portrayal of realistic situations in college and the people that you see in the drama actually exists in real life.

Kim Go Eun is not the prettiest Korean actress but she has that certain charm to her especially when she smiles. And I think it complimented with Park Hae Jin’s cold looks and there you have it a good pair on the screen. I can’t find the right words but I just love them so I’ll leave it to that.

Ji Chang Wook and Park Minyoung (Healer)


Before I say anything about how I loved them together I would just like to say that Ji Chang Wook is a chemistry genius. Maybe it’s because of that gorgeous face but he really looks good with whoever you pair him with and let’s start with Park Minyoung. Healer is the first drama I’ve seen from both of them and it’s also in the list of my favorite korean drama. The story, the acting, the OST and especially the OTP I can’t find anything to complain about the drama. They’re just so great and so compatible on-screen and I would like to thank my friend for her unending persuasion for me to watch this drama because it’s worth it.

Ji Chang Wook and Im Yoona (The K2)


I had high expectations for the drama because two of my favorite people are starring in it but it turned out to be disappointment. The drama had so much potential but the writer just decided to ruin it. The only thing I was thankful for it was that it gave us Ji Chang Wook and Im Yoona on the same screen and you can really feel their chemistry together. Honestly I only watched their scenes together in the drama and there are only a few so to the drama-gods out there please put them in another drama together, this time with a good script and plot.

Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun (Suspicious Partner)


Another proof that Ji Chang Wook’s face really suits with a lot of people. He looks so good with Nam Ji Hyun in this drama. The story of the drama is promising and good so hopefully they won’t ruin. This is also gonna be Ji Chang Wook’s last drama before he enters the military so we’ll have to wait for another two years to see him again on our screen.

Yoon Park and Han Hyeri (Age of Youth)


Age of Youth is a very very good kdrama that fell under the radar of the kdrama watchers out there. Only a few got acquainted with this amazing drama and the 5 amazing girls in Belle Epoque. It’s not really a romance-centered drama but they give us this wonderful ship and hopefully we’ll know what happened to them in the second season. Yoon Park and Han Hyeri looked so good together and I can just squeal whenever they are on the screen together.

Jo Jong-Suk and Park Bo-Young (Oh My Ghostess)


I call them the puppy ship. Seriously both of them are so cute together and even though the drama has some horror in the story it didn’t really scare me. I just keep on grinning while watching them on the screen because they really look so good together. No words. Their chemistry is just on another level.

Eric Mun and Seo Hyun Jin (Another Oh Haeyoung)


I can’t really say I loved the drama because I hated the pathetic character of the female lead. I mean I just can’t understand her so I will not talk about the drama but on just how Eric Mun and Seo Hyun Jin’s chemistry made me watch the drama. Impeccable chemistry. Period.


Surgeons (2017)

imageproxy (5)


Is it possible to search for answers to a death that occurred almost 30 years ago?

Zhuang Shu (Jin Dong) is a successful cardiothoracic surgeon who has been practicing in the United States. He returns to work at a general hospital in China to find answers to a malpractice case that happened 29 years ago that resulted in the death of a patient.

Zhuang Shu’s mother, the nurse involved in the case, was forced to resign. Then she saw her 4-year-old daughter kidnapped and then she committed suicide later on.

Fellow cardiothoracic surgeon Lu Chen Xi (Bai Bai He) happens to be the daughter of the patient who died in the malpractice case. After she stands up to the hospital director, Yang Fan (Liu Yi Jun), she is demoted to the emergency department.

[Summary from MyAsiantv.]

I have to admit that I’ve never been fan of medical dramas. I can’t particularly remember the reason why I like to avoid this drama genre but it’s been like that. However I decided to give Surgeons a try because I saw this on twitter and because of Jin Dong. Also I read some good reviews so I decided to check it out. What I didn’t expect was that I will fall in love with Bai Baihe. I mean she’s just so pretty and SHE CAN ACT. So to organize my rambling and uncontrollable fangirl feels I will list the reasons why you should definitely watch Surgeons. [The reasons are not in order.] You may or may not agree with it but it’s the reason why I watched this show.

  1. Jin Dong and Bai BaiHe [and their sizzling, off the charts chemistry]


I just have to be honest that it’s because of Jin Dong that I decided to watch this drama. I mean I saw him first in Ode to Joy and I became slightly interested in him but he was kinda buried because Wang Kai was there and I was ogling at him most of the time. Then I saw him again in Nirvana in Fire and that’s it. I don’t know how to explain but there’s just something about him that is soooo attractive.


As for Bai Baihe, this is the first drama that I have seen her and I have to admit that when I saw the trailer I really thought that she’s in her early 20’s. No joke! I kept on thinking why did they pair someone so young with Jin Dong and when I googled her age I was shocked. I mean her face doesn’t exactly say 33 years old. And she’s so pretty I kept on seeing different faces on her. I see Suzy Bae, Lee Yeon Hee and Tang Yan. And my, she can act! Bai Baihe is not just a pretty face. I know that I watched this because of Jin Dong but I ended up falling in love with her instead.


I will not be ashamed to say this that when I started watching the drama and I see Lu Chen Xi [Bai Baihe] and Zhuang Shu [Jin Dong] on the screen together I just can’t help but squeal. I mean I can literally feel the chemistry radiating from the screen. Did I say off the charts? Yes, I already did and I will repeat it again. They will go down as one of my favorite drama OTP of all time. Really.

2. The Characters

Another good thing about this drama is that you don’t get two-dimensional characters but instead you get real and imperfect people. They have their strengths and weaknesses and struggles that they need to get through everyday. The portrayal is real and you can feel their dilemma when they are faced by two choices without a right answer.

We have capable leads who are expert in their field as surgeons. However it doesn’t mean they are perfect. Lu Chen Xi is strong headed and temperamental who only concerns herself with facts and saving people. Zhuang Shu on the other hand is a calm and secretive person who’s driven by his plan of revenge on the people who framed his mother and in the process ruining their family. We have Chen Shaocong, Lu Chen Xi’s friend who’s unambitious at first but later on got motivated to work hard so that he can be promoted. And no, he doesn’t harbor secret romantic feelings for Lu Chen Xi. It’s all platonic.

Then we have our “villain” in the character of the head of the Thoracic Department, Yang Fan. I put a quote on the word villain because on the course of watching the drama you’ll realize that he’s not your typical bad guy all the way. He also tries to be a good father to his son despite their conflicting sides.

3. Strong Female Lead

imageproxy (2)

Lu Chen Xi’s character can appear annoying at first [according to some people who watched the drama although I personally have no problem with her] because she’s very frank with her words especially to the trainee doctors. She appears to have no consideration of other people’s feelings. However I think the bigger reason why people find her character irritating is because she’s a female.

She’s very capable and good at her job and she expects everyone to be the same. I love her flaws and it’s one of the reasons why she’s on the higher spot in my “most beloved female lead characters”. Yes, she has her problematic moments but I think that makes her real. She’s not your super nice, Cinderella-type female lead because she fights back when she knows she’s right and it’s most of the time. #GirlPower

4. The Story

The plot doesn’t really offer mind-blowing twists and turns, birth secrets or complicated love lines but it doesn’t mean that it’s boring. It’s interesting in its own way and you will laugh, cry, get angry and frustrated on your journey while watching the drama. I think it has a simplistic plot yet it still has something that makes you keep on going.

There are some revelations about the past in the first part but even without really spelling it out you can get the gist of what happened. However the drama is not just all centered on the revenge aspect but it also poses questions and difficult situations to the leads and what they should do in those situations.

5. The Acting

I’m really the type of viewer who can’t stand poor acting in dramas. Even if it’s my fave doing that poor portrayal I wouldn’t spend a minute watching that drama. Good thing Surgeons is doing good in acting department. Jin Dong and Bai Baihe is really good at acting their roles and Liu Yijun as the villain as usual he really delivers. Even the supporting roles are doing a good job at stealing the spotlight sometimes.

6. Development of Romance

This is for me the main reason why I fell in love with this drama. If you’re looking for super dramatic love quarrels or complicated love triangles or squares, well there’s none. Everyone is not problematic about their feelings. I mean there’s not really a very complicated love line and I love the slow development of romance between the main leads. It was not love at first sight for them nor their feelings for each other is based on looks. Both of them admire each other for their skills and is willing to accept each other’s weaknesses.

The list above are just a few of the reasons why I loved the drama from bits to pieces and if you give it a try I’m sure you’ll find more things to love about it. So give it a try!