Fangirl. Shipper. Daydreamer. 

With scattered thoughts and chaotic fangirl feels she decided to start a blog and promises to try her best not to abandon it.

Contains fangirling feels, drama recaps and reviews, why you should watch *insert drama she’s currently addicted to* and some random stuff.

SHE: A girl trying to hold on to life and still figuring out the world of the grown-ups, cause she’s supposed to be one. A fangirl trying to escape the reality of the messed up world. A cynic and a pessimist.

Identity: SONE, ReveLuv, NCT Stan, Day6 Stan >>>> the rest

Personal Interest/Favorites: Criminal Minds, The Newsroom, Sherlock, Elementary, 2 Broke Girls, KPOP, CDramas, KDramas, Cnovels


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