Kpop Craziness

Before my addiction to kdramas I was a huge kpop fan first. For a long time I’m a loyal SONE (until now) then I became an EXO stan (I got out of the fandom when the mess that is 2014 happened). Then I became a Red Velvet stan until we were given the name ReveLuv. NCT was debuted but I was already with them since they were still known as the SM Rookies. Also I’m an occasional Me-U. Basically I’m a huge SM stan. However that doesn’t mean I don’t follow other groups. I listen to Twice, Blackpink, CLC, AOA, APink, Sistar, AfterSchool, 4Minute, BerryGood, 4Ten/Poten, April, Bestie, Brown Eyed Girls, DIA, GFriend, KARA, Melody Day, Miss A, 2Eyes, Purfles, Ladies’ Code, Chocolat, Brave Girls, Cosmic Girls/WSJN, Rania, Sunny Hill, Fiestar, Gugudan, Dal Shabet, Secret, Laboum, Tahiti, Matilda, Minx/Dreamcatcher, MyB, Rainbow, Stellar, The Ark, Hello Venus, IOI, Lovelyz, Mamamoo, Nine Muses, Oh My Girl, Sonamoo, Spica, T-Ara, Wonder Girls, Monsta X, IKON, Winner, BigBang and Got7. Notice that majority in the list are girl groups and it’s because I’m a girl group trash.


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